Dr. Thomas Nudds, my PhD advisor, Editor of Avian Conservation and Ecology, and esteemed scientist.  Specialization in behavioural, population, and community ecology of waterfowl, conservation biology, and adaptive management.

Dr. Steven Cooke, Canada Research Chair in Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology. Specialization in fish ecology, conservation physiology and global fisheries.

Dr. Raleigh Robertson, Professor. Specialization in behavioural ecology and conservation of birds.

Dr. Nigel Waltho, Associate Professor. Specialization in ecological modelling and coral reef biology.

Michael Runtz, Teaching Professor and esteemed naturalist and photographer. Specialization in Ontario natural history and ornithology.

Dr. David Wilson, Postdoctoral Fellow. Specialization in animal behaviour and evolution.

Dr. Daniel Hanley, Postdoctoral Fellow. Specialization in avian egg coloration and evolution.